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About the cleaning company

We take care of your cleaning

Contact us .. You will not regret it! Safe and reliable maintenance
Why should you choose us?

Why choosing Multiservices Liscas LLC?

Our cleaning services are based on your needs. We give you the freedom to choose where, when and how often we clean, so we fit perfectly into your lifestyle.

Cleaning professionals

Our professionals will get to know your home or business, and your preferences in order to continually improve and provide you with a clean you will love.

Cleaning Times

We make it easy for you to create a cleaning program that fits your life.So you can choose frequency (weekly, biweekly, monthly or unique) and even the arrival time (morning or afternoon).

Quality Products

We use quality products to provide the highest level of cleanliness to your home, while remaining safe for the environment.

Trained Team

Modern equipment, prepared and trained personnel to offer a quality service as you deserve it.

Secure service

Reliable and safe service, specialized in cleaning your establishment so that you can trust our work.

All kinds of area

Our services are meant to provide solutions in each specialized area: Residential, Commercial and Hotels.

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