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We offer various cleaning services such as:
Fetaured service

We Specialize In:


Office Cleaning

Guaranteed cleanliness in work areas

Hotel Service

Cleaning inside hotels

Event Cleanup

Cleaning during the event or at the end

Home Clean

Home beautification

Cleaning after Construction

Cleaning after finishing your works
Why choose us?

Why Multiservices Liscas LLC

Our cleaning services are based on your needs. We give you the freedom to choose where, when and how often we clean, so we fit perfectly into your lifestyle.
Home cleaning
Office Cleaning
Cleaning at Events
Emergency Cleaning
Cleaning after Construction
The best cleaning service for your home
You can trust us to provide you with the professional cleaning services you need and the care you and your home deserve.
Safe office cleaning
We offer cleaning services in your office or workplace, we guarantee the professional cleaning services you need, leaving you a fresh and harmonious work environment.
Event maintenance service
We offer cleaning after parties and events, likewise we offer staff and service for when the party or event is active.
Instant cleaning of establishment or your home
We know that unforeseen events exist and we are willing to help our clients. It is always good to remember that a business, company or home can unexpectedly suffer a flood, fire or any other problem that requires emergency cleaning, to such a level that it needs a solution quickly and easily and Multiservices Liscas will always be ready to help them.
Everything in construction cleaning
If you plan to remodel your home or office, or it is a new construction, we will take care of cleaning your spaces, leaving them free of dust and very fresh so that you can move in with peace of mind without having to exhaust yourself with cleaning.

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Because we offer you a professional residential and commercial maintenance service.
We are located in Broward County. We reach all of South Florida.
We offer beautification of your areas, be it bathrooms, kitchens, buildings, and much more.
You can book an appointment with us by choosing the service of your choice and we make that happen.
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We are very happy to receive a good impression.

At Multiservices Liscas LLC we are very proud to be able to help the South Florida community.

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